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19 June 2015

Presenting Impala Terminals in Colombia

Impala Terminals Colombia - Breakthrough integrated logistics


Impala has invested more than USD1 billion in an unprecedented project to transform Colombia’s commodity transport network, and give customers better and more reliable access to global and regional markets. We have created a new multimodal supply chain that moves wet and dry bulk cargoes and containerised products—including oil and its derivatives, break-bulk, containers, and project and oversized cargo—up and down the Magdalena River, the country’s main waterway.


The safe and efficient route connects ocean terminals in both the ports of Barranquilla and Cartagena to our new inland river terminal in Barrancabermeja. Our fleet of modern barges moves product to and from major crude oil production sites as well as urban consumption areas such as Bogotá or Medellin. No other company offers integrated logistics in the country or alternatives to truck-only transport.


In addition, the project positions Barrancabermeja, our private inland terminal, as a sea port with bill of lading possible direct to international ports like Rotterdam or Shanghai. We have designed the terminal to offer the greatest efficiencies for truck loading and unloading, with solutions that can be custom-created for storage and handling. The entire supply chain offers a sophisticated cost-effective offering that combines the best of Impala’s services and standards for our customers. By switching the mode of commodity transport from trucking to barging in the north, we are creating a more environmentally responsible form of trade. 


18 +

Barge pushers owned by Impala

100 +

Double-hulled barges for wet and dry cargo

625 km

Between barrancabermeja and barranquilla


Barrels of oil storage capacity for crude & naphtha

500,000 m2

Riverside port