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Our ability to secure competitive rates is aided by our strong relationships with all the major shipping lines and our expertise in world-class logistics solutions. We also forge close ties to regional carriers, who specialise in local routes that may offer more competitive value. Our local market knowledge allows us to conduct operations safely, securely and reliably from all major ports in the regions where we work. We can also offer additional value-add services through our terminal assets including material reception, material and container storage, sampling and testing, container stuffing and unstuffing, and customs clearance formalities.


Through large captive volumes and a continuous drive to excel in our technical operations, our container bookings have grown substantially, particularly across Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Our Sustainable Freight Service


Our new carbon neutral freight service provides our partners with an accurate calculation of the indirect “Scope 3” greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated through the transportation of their cargoes from their points of collection to points of delivery.


This new ocean sea freight service offers a flexible alternative to compensate for those GHG emissions that cannot be physically avoided along a supply chain, allowing the effective management of their environmental impact.


By making our freight services carbon-neutral, Impala Terminals is able to provide essential funds to impactful carbon finance projects around the world.


We work closely with world-recognised carbon neutrality and climate finance experts, Natural Capital Partners, who independently verify that our carbon neutral freight service meets CarbonNeutral® Protocol, the leading global framework for carbon neutrality.


Case study: Offsetting emissions from mine to port


From early 2021, Impala Terminals has provided certified CarbonNeutral® deliveries on behalf of its joint owner and major customer Trafigura, transporting nickel precipitates via sea container originating from Terrafame’s mine and refinery in Sotkamo, Finland to destination ports in China.


To offset the freight service’s emissions, we have supported a verified greenhouse gas reduction project in Colombia – in a region where both Trafigura and Impala Terminals have significant business presence.


The project aims to protect the Chocó-Darién Rainforest, one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, from deforestation.





How to book


  1. Contact Impala Terminals

    Get in touch with our team to discuss your freight transport requirements and to calculate the estimated carbon footprint of your shipments. Please note that Impala Terminals provides audited CO2 emission assessments.

  2. Confirm the carbon neutral offer

    A clear solution is identified that will offset Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions by contributing to projects that work to remove the same amount of CO2 generated during the shipments from the atmosphere, as well as contributing to local initiatives that support economic development.

  3. Contribute to a lower-carbon future

    Reduce your environmental impact along your supply chain. Calculate and offset the emissions from your shipment through the purchase of carbon credits. Customers will be able to brand their deliveries as certified CarbonNeutral® as approved by our partner Natural Capital Partners and in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol.