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Impala Terminals has a long standing know-how on designing, building and operating concentrates and commodity handling warehouses and port facilities. These projects require thorough analysis which involve the full understanding of: local legislation; environmental aspects; efficient supply chain planning;  process optimisation; warehousing, port and operations design and ensuring that at all times the highest safety and environmental standards are met. Having worked on multiple projects globally, Impala Terminals has accumulated a wide pool of talent and know-how and worked in numerous jurisdictions.


Impala Terminals can assist by:  creating the concept, designing and creating the terminal, to putting hands on the ground for running the full operations of commodities handling. Having worked with Trafigura on designing numerous logistics projects there is a strong support for creating new ventures and solutions for handling dry and/or wet commodities in challenging terrains delivering efficiency and HSE compliant supply chains.


Impala Terminals’ portfolio of terminals are a strong proof of “Concept to Development & Operation” methodology.


Please reach out to us in case of queries or a request for a quote.