Press Release Bogota, Colombia, 28.06.2016

Corona And Impala Terminals Complete The First International Export From The Port Of Barrancabermeja, Colombia Via The Magdalena River

Multimodal logistics provider Impala Terminals expects to have completed construction of its inland port at Barrancabermeja, Colombia, and for its multimodal operations to be fully operational by the end of the year. A milestone was reached this month on the journey towards the port becoming fully operational with Colombian group Corona and Impala Terminals successfully completing the first export of container cargo from the port to the Caribbean coast ready to be shipped to its final destination.


Corona’s cargo cleared customs at the inland terminal, which is located less than ten hours by road from Colombia’s second largest city of Medellin and capital city Bogota, and was transferred by a convoy of Impala Terminals’ modern double hulled barges 640km along the Magdalena River to the port of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast. From here it was transferred to a Hamburg Süd operated liner and carried to its final destination in the United States.


"In 2015 we began a project to utilise multimodal transport to import and export our cargoes including via the Magdalena River," said Ingo Bach, General Manager Logistics & Transport for Corona. "Performing our first export with Impala Terminals reaffirms our commitment to innovate in everything we do to create value for our customers and contribute to the development of Colombia."


Head of Impala Terminals in Colombia, Alejandro Costa, explained that the port is physically closer to inland production sites and consumers and yet gives all the advantages of a sea port including customs and anti-narcotics police providing customs controls and port security providing fast and bespoke customs clearance. "We are proud to connect the rest of the world with Barrancabermeja and delighted that Corona and Hamburg Süd Group have been the first company and shipping line, respectively, who have supported multimodalism in Colombia. This is another step towards the full reactivation of general cargo shipments on the Magdalena River," said Alejandro Costa.


Impala Terminals Barrancabermeja has a 30-year concession and began early operations in April 2015. The port has the capacity to mobilize 100,000 containers each year and 28 million barrels of oil. In April this year over 300,000 barrels of Naphtha were imported at Barrancabermeja from abroad with the barrels being used to dilute high viscosity crude oil being produced near to the port.




About Corona S.A.

Corona is a Colombian multinational enterprise with a 135 year history. It consists of six strategic business units engaged in manufacturing and marketing of household products and construction. It has 19 manufacturing plants in Colombia, three in the United States, three in Central America, three in Mexico and one in Brazil, as well as global sourcing office in China and a retailer in Mexico. It generates more than 15,000 jobs and exports its products to various markets around the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Central America, the Caribbean, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.




About Impala Terminals

Impala Terminals is a multimodal logistics provider focused on export-driven economies. It owns and operates a network of ports, port terminals and warehouses which, combined with its transport assets, provide end-to-end logistics solutions for dry and liquid bulk cargoes, general cargo and containers. Impala Terminals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trafigura, a market leader in the global commodities industry. Impala Terminals employs over 2,000 members of staff, owns and operates over 23 facilities across 18 countries around the world, and has USD2.6 billion of assets under management.




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