The Paran√° River runs 4,880 kilometres through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina and is the longest river in South America after the Amazon. The river network has become a significant economic development area and a key enabler of domestic and international trade. Our network of secure, double-hulled barge convoys operate along the river to move gas oil, jet fuel, gasoline and naphtha products from the River Plate in Argentina onward to Paraguay and Bolivia. The same network is leveraged for export shipments of soy bean oil from Paraguay to Argentina.

Impala Paraguay has a total of 30 barges and four pushers in operations along the waterway, with the ability to increase capacity according to market needs.

New infrastructure and logistics have opened a critical two-way artery for growing trade along the land-locked route. Our convoy along the waterway comprises nine barges which allow the transportation up to 25,000m of liquid products per convoy.

Our pushers are fitted with modern navigation and night operation equipment. Barges are fitted with alarm systems to alert crew members when the barge is 95% and 98% full in order to prevent overflow and subsequent spillage. GPS monitoring systems report the exact position of each barge and the quantity of product in its hull at any time of day. We take pride in hiring locally; our crews are 100% locally hired and receive full training. Our transport operations are expanding with the addition of new barges to double transport capacity.


Fluvial product transport across five countries