Impala’s goal is to rapidly establish Burnside Terminals as one of the leading bulk logistics facilities in the US.

A competitive logistics solution in Louisiana

Impala acquired the Burnside Terminals in Ascension Parish, Louisiana in 2011 to create a state-of-the-art bulk terminal for coal, bauxite, alumina and other bulk commodities on the Lower Mississippi River. The terminal was originally constructed in 1956 but has been closed since 2008. Our investment of more than USD250 million into the refurbishment of Burnside Terminals is aimed at providing our customers with a sustainable, competitively priced and advantageously positioned multi-modal logistics solution for coal and other bulk cargoes.

The strategic location of the Burnside Terminals at mile marker 169 on the lower Mississippi River reduces operating costs by minimising the distance barges must travel for loading and unloading. In addition, the location of the facility allows ready access to a number of major railroads for immediate transport of bulk commodities to regions worldwide. 

Now receiving regular shipments of bauxite and coal, the terminal will become one of the top coal bulk logistics facilities in the US, and the only one on the Mississippi River able to offer both rail-to-vessel and barge-to-vessel capability. In partnership with relevant stakeholders, Impala is exploring opportunities for further expansion and development of the terminal.

Impala's acquisition of the Burnside Terminals has substantially increased business and economic activity in the area, not least through our drive to hire local residents and use local Louisiana-owned service companies and contractors during refurbishment.

Throughout the regeneration, Impala has kept in touch with local residents and community stakeholders through a variety of outreach activities including community meetings and letter drops.