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Impala connects its customers to the global commodities market. Through our owned and managed network of terminals, we have the strategic position, expertise and scale to respond effectively to market requirements.


Impala aims to develop and operate a leading network of terminals, linking areas of commodity production and consumption and providing access for markets and new opportunities. We aim to connect these terminals with best-in-class multi-modal logistics solutions and services, creating value for our customers. To achieve this, we focus on:  

  • Excelling in customer service – including close supervision of complex supply chains, as well as offering value-added services such as information supply, material processing and security 
  • Offering competitive rates – creating the optimum balance between the configuration of our terminals network, quality of services, transit times and cost management
  • Continuous improvement – always considering opportunities to improve standards of delivery, the quality of our services and our ability to respond proactively to the ideas and needs of our customers 
  • Safety – ensuring that all of our operations globally are carried out with the highest levels of safety possible and in line with all applicable best practice procedures. This applies not only to our workforce, but to our stakeholders and the communities where we operate.

We have built a strategy that gives our clients vital access to markets and new opportunities for the global commodities business.  

What we do

When global demand for commodities is high, the pressure to transport them increases; but in times of market surplus, the need for storage increases. In both market scenarios, Impala’s network of terminals around the world provides the solution. We meet customers’ supply and demand needs and bridge gaps to new trade markets. 

We offer a range of additional related services at our terminal sites for clients who require a complete solution, including blending, weighing, packing, security and management of product quality control. 

We invest significantly in building, owning and managing assets in the locations our customers require. Our aim is to create a comprehensive terminals network that operates as a global multi-modal gateway to the commodities market and meets the dynamic needs of our customers.

Our people

The growth of our company relies on our ability to attract, retain and develop top talent.

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